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Stone railway bridge over the Yarynya River

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  • Location: 362
  • Address: Novgorod Oblast

The bridge is located in the Krestetsky district, on the small-scale railway Valdai - Krestsy. Built, approximately, in 1914-1916. The height of the bridge is 18 meters, like a 9-story building.

In the Novgorod region there are almost no stone bridges, and even more so, of this size. The bridge is overgrown on all sides. As, however, the entire Valdai-Kresttsy line.
The Valdai-Krestsy railway was part of the Narva-Luga-Novgorod-Bronnitsa-Valdai project, which was built during the First World War, including for strategic reasons.
At the same time, in the same place, other project - the railroad Petrograd-Novgorod-Bronnitsy-Soblago-Smolensk-Oryol was implemented. All famous bulls on Volkhov were to become the supports of the railway bridge of these two projects.
Both projects were never fully implemented. There is a version that is precisely because of the Novgorod cultural heritage. The project made a lot of noise in the then cultural circles, since the railway was supposed to pass in the immediate vicinity of the Rurikov Settlement and the Church of the Savior-on-Nereditsa and completely change the local landscape.
According to another version, construction ceased due to the fact that in 1918 Soviet Russia concluded a peace treaty with Germany in Brest. Because of this agreement, the need for the construction of many strategic roads has disappeared.


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